JDE Fixed Assets module Errors


016D – Total Percent Must Equal 100%

  CAUSE . . . . . The total of all the period percentages for Spread Pattern Codes must add up to a total of 100%.   RESOLUTION. . . Enter period percentages that...


046U – Balance Character Code Invalid

  CAUSE . . . . The Balance Character Code is not valid for Disposal Account Rule. It must be one of the following: 1 = Cost 2 = Accumulated Depreciation 3 = Secondary...


502M – Ledger Depreciation Rules not found

  CAUSE: Ledger Depreciation Rules (F12003) have not been setup for the Accounting information entered. RESOLUTION: Do one of the following: Change accounting information to match an existing Ledger Depreciation Rules setup. Enter the Ledger Depreciation...


006E – Invalid User Defined Depreciation Rule

  CAUSE . . . . The User Defined Depreciation Method in combination with other Depreciation information entered does not exist for any User Defined Depreciation Rules.     RESOLUTION. . Check the User Defined...


048R – Post Not Allowed, Trans. Creation Code

 CAUSE . . . . The ledger type associated with this transaction has a Transaction Creation code equal to ‘9’. This code prevents a transaction from posting to an asset. RESOLUTION. . Change the...


059B – Invalid Formula

 CAUSE . . . . The formula entered does not exist. RESOLUTION. . Enter a formula which exists in the Depreciation Formula file, or enter the new formula to the file. 


070Q – Memory Pointer Invalid

 CAUSE . . . . The memory pointer could not be allocated or retrieved. RESOLUTION. . There may not be enough RAM available for this process. Check the OCM mapping of the business function. 


084Z – Negative Depreciation Not Allowed

 CAUSE . . . . The rule convention for Negative Depreciation prevents negative depreciation. RESOLUTION. . To fix the problem, edit the rule convention in depreciation rule revisions(P12851) or edit the appropriate formula in...


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