JDE Fixed Assets module Errors


016D – Total Percent Must Equal 100%

  CAUSE . . . . . The total of all the period percentages for Spread Pattern Codes must add up to a total of 100%.   RESOLUTION. . . Enter period percentages that...


046U – Balance Character Code Invalid

  CAUSE . . . . The Balance Character Code is not valid for Disposal Account Rule. It must be one of the following: 1 = Cost 2 = Accumulated Depreciation 3 = Secondary...


502M – Ledger Depreciation Rules not found

  CAUSE: Ledger Depreciation Rules (F12003) have not been setup for the Accounting information entered. RESOLUTION: Do one of the following: Change accounting information to match an existing Ledger Depreciation Rules setup. Enter the Ledger Depreciation...


000E – Numeric Fields Must Be Right Justified

 CAUSE . . . . You have defined the Specification Data to be numeric and left justified. A number cannot be left justified. It must be defined as right justified. RESOLUTION. . Change the...


055B – Unable to Post: Account Invalid

 CAUSE . . . . You are attempting to post a journal entry to a Account which is invalid in the Account Master. RESOLUTION. . Add the Account to the Account Master, or change...


060O – Disposal date already exists

 CAUSE . . . . A disposal date already exists for the asset. The date cannot be changed. RESOLUTION. . This is a Warning. The entered date is replaced by the disposal date from...


064P – Value Out of Range

 CAUSE . . . .The value entered is out of the allowed range of values. RESOLUTION. .The allowed range of values for both the Sequence Number and the Field Number is 1 through 16....


0751A – Location Start Effective Date

 Cause. . . You have entered a Location Start Effective date that is greater than the System date.Resolution. . . Enter a Location Start Effective date that is equal to or less than the...


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