0008 – Length Invalid for Data Item

Modules > Foundations – 00 > 0008 – Length Invalid for Data Item
 CAUSE . . . . The data item name is restricted to specific lengths when adding date fields or array fields. The specific allowed length depends on the type of data item. – Date Fields: The data item name can only be 3 characters or less since ‘Month’, ‘Day’ and ‘Year’ records are automatically generated from this item by adding a suffix of ‘M’, ‘D’ or ‘Y’ to the item name. – Array Elements: Item names can be a maximum of: 1 character long if over 100 elements; 2 characters long if over 10 elements; or 3 characters long if under 10 elements. The number will be used as a suffix when automatically generating the array element records.

RESOLUTION. . Enter a valid length for the data item. 

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