0020 – Library Invalid

Modules > Foundations – 00 > 0020 – Library Invalid
 CAUSE . . . . The library entered either does not exist on the system or you are not authorized to the library specified.

RESOLUTION. . Either correct the library name, create this library on the system, or obtain authorization to the library. Refer to the IBM command ‘CRTLIB’. (If compiling an object, *OBJMGT rights are required.) Within the Software Versions Repository program, this error may also indicate a required library name being left blank (i.e., source or object library = blank). It may also indicate the library name specified for the object type is incorrect(i.e., source lib=”JDFOBJ” or object lib=”JDFDATA” for an RPG program). Within the User Library List control program, this error may also indicate duplicate library names in the library list. Also, the printer file library may not be a 

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