0028 – Account Number Invalid

Modules > Foundations – 00 > 0028 – Account Number Invalid
 CAUSE . . . . This Account Number does not exist in the Account Master file (F0901). NOTE: If you get this error message on a discount amount, it is indicating that the account numbers set up in the Automatic Accounting Instructions are invalid. The AAI records being validated against are PKD/PKL for Accounts Payable and RKD for Accounts Receivable. If Business Unit is not defined in the AAI accounts, the program will use the Business Unit from the voucher/invoice. If the error message is an adjustment reason in cash receipts, the same holds true about the AAI Account Number being invalid for the adjustment reason entered. If you get this error message on a job being closed, it is indicating that the AAI account JCPB (Prior Year End Balance in Closed Jobs), JCR (Job Revenue),or JCC (Job Cost 
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