396W – G/L Cash Type Rule Not Found for &1 .

Modules > General Accounting – 09 > 396W – G/L Cash Type Rule Not Found for &1 .
 CAUSE . . . A matching account was not found in a G/L Cash Type Rule account range for account &1 (found in the net operating cash type rules for A/R-A/P systems). Therefore, the net operating amounts shown in columns for this Account cannot be carried over into subsequent columns of G/L Bank Accounts.

RESOLUTION. . . Either add this account to an account range on an active G/L Cash Type Rule for system 09, or add a new G/L Cash Type Rule for this account using Setup Cash Type Rules (P09521). Then rerun the Cash Forecast Data Refresh program (R00522), and run Cash Forecast Analysis (P09522) again in order to roll net operating amounts for this account into subsequent G/L Bank Account balances. 

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