396X – Value for &1 on Rule &2 cannot be All(*)

Modules > General Accounting – 09 > 396X – Value for &1 on Rule &2 cannot be All(*)
  CAUSE. . . The Cash Type Rule &2 cannot use an asterisk (to represent all values) in &1 selection criteria as there is already another Cash Type Rule using the same object account (within the same source system G/L) with * in that value for this reporting structure. -When an asterisk is specified in selection criteria for &1 in one cash type rule in a reporting structure, all other cash type rules in the G/L system that are included in the reporting structure and that use the same corresponding object account must not have an asterisk in the same field.-This is because Cash Type Rules must each have distinct selection criteria within a reporting structure so as not to duplicate cash forecast amounts between cash types when running the Cash Forecast Analysis (P09522). Using an asterisk in &1 in more than one cash type within this structure using the same object account will cause an overlap between cash type amounts and cause erroneous totals to be forecasted.


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