JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9 Financial Management Essentials Exam

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1. Which three statements are TRUE about Visual Assists?






2. Your client wants to maintain fixed asset master records that include the required basic information. You must create asset master records so that you can do which three of the following?






3. Which three of the following are considered Fixed Asset Depreciation Rule Components?






4. You can generate fixed asset journal entries through any EnterpriseOne system that creates entries in the G/L transaction table Account Ledger (F0911). Which of the following tables is updated when processing G/L transactions to the Fixed Assets table?







You would like to use standard Credit and Collection Manager functionality. By entering a manager’s name in the Credit Manager’s field in the Customer Master a workflow message will be sent. Which action will generate a work flow message for the Credit Manager?






6. Which are types of Procurement?






7. You are in a System Integration meeting and the client is concerned about the different type of records that are kept In the Business Unit Master table (F0006). Which types of records are NOT kept in the Business Unit Master table?






8. Your client wants you to help them define their business units. Which statement is TRUE regarding business units?






9. The JD Edwards Enterprise One Financials Data Relationships available in release 9.0 will simplify master data entry and increase the accuracy of master data attributes, which in turn will Increase reporting accuracy. What are two applications/tables supported by Data Relationships?





10. You were asked to assist in setting up the Automatic Accounting Instructions (AAI) for the financial system. Which statement is FALSE regarding AAI?






11. Your client would like to know if they should set up additional customer records or use Line of Business processing. Why would you want to activate Line of Business processing?






12. Your client is requesting that an error message be created when trying to void those Vouchers with Purchase Orders. Select two programs that would be controlled by processing options to disallow void of vouchers created with Purchase Orders.






13. While analyzing the transaction history for a supplier, you review the vouchered year to date amount In the Supplier Master record. Which of the following options describes the currency in which the system displays this amount?






14. What program is used to change the location of an asset?





15. Describe the function of the Fiscal Date Pattern.





16. Which of the following statements is TRUE about the AutoPopulate function?






17. You were asked to assist in setting up the Automatic Accounting Instructions (AAI) for the financial system. Which statement is TRUE regarding AAI?






18. You ran the application Credit Analysis Refresh program (R03B525). Which table does the system use to display Information on the Account Balance Inquiry Application?






19. You are going through the month end close process. How should you correct missing batch header records?







In which of the following situations can you delete a Customer Master record?






21. Your client needs to consolidate their financial information from various business sites. Which statement does NOT represent a difference between a Multi-Site Consolidation and other Organizational Structure?






22. Your client ran the Batch to Detail Out of Balance [R007031] integrity report and requires assistance In interpreting the report. What two processes does the Batch to Detail Out of Balance integrity perform?





23. What must happen prior to making a payment to a supplier?





24. The Batch-program “Identify New Entries” does which two of the following?







By activating the Subledger Inactive Code on a Supplier Address Book record, which activity would not be allowed?







Your client wants to maintain and store other kinds of data in separate generic databases for Fixed Assets and Accounts Payable Suppliers. Which functional application would you suggest to your client?






27. Your financial implementation client lead needs assistance on understanding the Detail Method of Intercompany settlements. You explain that the Detail Method uses _____ to track Intercompany settlements and the company associated with the first journal entry line acts as the _____ for the transaction.






28. Your client is going through a data cleansing exercise. They are trying to delete account records In the Account Master table that will not be needed in the future. You encountered records that cannot be deleted. Which tables contain records that cause the Inability to delete the desired accounts?






29. Which three statements related to the Journal Entry Reversal Control functionality are TRUE?






30. Your client indicated that the standard delivered report does not meet their business requirement. You recommend that they create a new report using the Financial Report Writer. Which four statements are TRUE regarding the Financial Report Writer?






31. Your client wants to use the fastest method to enter high-volume, simple voucher entries. What Voucher Entry would you recommend to your client to use?






32. A sales order has been created and you need to update tables in the system. Which application updates the General Ledger table F0911?






33. Your client has asked you to supply them with aging reports. Which report should the client run to display detail aging in specific aging categories?






34. Your client wants help with the budget process. When you create budget pattern codes for each business year, you can:






35. Which are methods of Accounts Payable’s Voucher Match process?





36. A client wants “Use Tax” to post to a separate account by tax rate area. Which of the following is the best way to set this up?






37. What is the advantage of Speed Invoice Entry over standard invoice entry?





38. You were asked to map the different category codes in the Address Book, Business Unit Master and Account Master. Which of the following statements is TRUE?






39. You can enter journal entries that automatically reverse in the following accounting period. Which two possible G/L dates could the system assign to the reversing entry?






40. For a customer of a company there is a relation between the region of the customer and the sales manager for this region. How can this request be implemented in JDEdwards?





41. Every financial transaction, regardless of activity or source, flows to _____





42. JD Edwards EnterpriseOne is known for providing a low TCO. What does TCO mean?





43. Your client is required to produce a trial balance that compares “Actual” and “Budgets”. You recommend they use the Trial Balance Ledger Comparison application. How is the “Thru” date derived on this Find/Browse form?





44. Your client submitted the Post Vouchers to G/L batch program (R09801). To post voucher batches, the version of the Post program must contain which data selection value?






45. Your client wants to create an efficient way of distributing costs to various accounts and minimize manual data entry. One way of accomplishing this is to use model journal entries. Which statement best distinguishes a percent model journal entry from other model journal entries?






46. You have a clearing account that is out of balance and you elect to use the Debit/Credit Match program to assist in the reconciliation. Which four steps are required?






47. Which are true statements about the Parent Company?






48. Your client needs assistance in setting up allocations for the company. Which method of allocation allows you to redistribute amounts from one or more business units to one or more business units with a common category code?






49. Your client would like to process reconciliations. The file name for the Account Ledger Reconciliation worktable is:






50. A client needs to print attachments as part of payments. Where do you set the processing option to turn on “print attachments”?






51. Which of the following statements is TRUE about the fast path?







Your client has just installed EnterpriseOne as a typical installation. They want to group Address Book records by customer region and need you to create a new category code for the grouping. Which range should NOT be used?






53. Which of the following is NOT an element of Asset Depreciation?






54. Your client wants the system to calculate discounts on the gross amount of a voucher plus tax. In which of the following programs can the client set up the system to calculate discounts in this manner?






55. Which is becomes part of the header information when an invoice is entered through standard invoice entry?





56. You are going through the month close end process. If you run the Account Balance without Account Master Integrity report and have the processing option set to update mode/ what do you update?






57. Your client would like view Periodic Stats by customer. Which screen do you use to select Periodic Information from Row Menu?







How can the currency code be specified for delinquency fees?






59. The system identifies fixed asset journal entries based on the fixed asset range of accounts that you set up in the automatic accounting instructions (AAIs). You can generate fixed asset journal entries through any EnterpriseOne system that creates entries in the G/L transaction table Account Ledger (F0911). Which one of the following is NOT the type of Account that falls within the FX range of the AAIs?






60. Your client decided to use the standard delivered financial reports Instead of creating a report using the Report Design Aid (RDA) tool. Which statement is TRUE regarding standard Financial Reports?






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