JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9 Financial Management Essentials Exam

Test your knowledge of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Financial Management Essentials!

1. Your client has asked that you run a Standard report with payment information for a given payment cycle. Which of the following would give you the desired information?






2. Your client wants to use the fastest method to enter high-volume, simple voucher entries. What Voucher Entry would you recommend to your client to use?







Your client does not understand the purpose of integrity reports and asks you to explain why they should use them. Why might your client use integrity reports?






4. Your client wants you to help them define their business units. Which statement is TRUE regarding business units?






5. The Supplier Analysis report shows Year to Date information that is inaccurate. Why is this so?






6. Which three are elements of Asset Depreciation?






7. The repost program R099102, Is used to re-create balances based upon the F0911 transactions. The batch does which two of the following in update mode?






8. Your client needs assistance in setting up allocations for the company. Which method of allocation allows you to redistribute amounts from one or more business units to one or more business units with a common category code?






9. Your client is using the Credit Hold process orders from Credit Hold?







You would like to use standard Credit and Collection Manager functionality. By entering a manager’s name in the Credit Manager’s field in the Customer Master a workflow message will be sent. Which action will generate a work flow message for the Credit Manager?






11. Which of the following statements is TRUE about the fast path?






12. Which two statements are TRUE about Interactive Versions?






13. When you know a draft is paid, the draft is closed. On a draft, what does the pay status # indicate?






14. Which three of the following pieces of information can be captured in the Address Book?






15. Your client wants help with the budget process. When creating journalized budgets via the batch journal entry process, which table contains the journal entries that have been transferred from the external source?






16. A client opens a new bank account and closed an existing account. Which two procedures will change all existing vouchers to the new bank account number?






17. When logging on to Enterprise One which two statements are TRUE?






18. You are going through the month end close process. How should you correct missing batch header records?






19. You were asked to assist in setting up the Automatic Accounting Instructions (AAI) for the financial system. Which statement is TRUE regarding AAI?






20. Which are steps involved in processing an invoice?






21. Your client indicated that the standard delivered report does not meet their business requirement. You recommend that they create a new report using the Financial Report Writer. Which four statements are TRUE regarding the Financial Report Writer?






22. Your client has asked you to supply them with aging reports. Which report should the client run to display detail aging in specific aging categories?






23. You can generate fixed asset journal entries through any EnterpriseOne system that creates entries in the G/L transaction table Account Ledger (F0911). Which of the following tables is updated when processing G/L transactions to the Fixed Assets table?







A supplier Analysis report shows inception to date information after multiple years of activity. Why is this so?






25. Which are true statements about the Parent Company?






26. A supplier must be paid from a bank account that is different from the default bank account in the automatic accounting instructions. What do you set up in the Supplier Master record to accomplish this?






27. Your client has asked that you set up the supplier payment terms. Assume they are using Standard Voucher Entry. What happens to the payment terms field in the header if payment terms are specified in the grid?







By activating the Subledger Inactive Code on a Supplier Address Book record, which activity would not be allowed?






29. You are going through the month end close process. When you are posting, you receive a PACO message? What condition would cause this message?







Your client would like you to set up Auto Cash. Which of the following tables does the system use to retrieve and update information when you run the Update Receipts Register program?






31. Your client requires that their A/P department not pay duplicate supplier Invoices. Which action will prevent users from entering duplicate invoice numbers?





32. When are Fixed Asset entries posted to the General Ledger?





33. A customer needs a copy of a Non-Sales Related Invoice. Which program do you use to print a Chargeback invoice?






34. You have created a credit invoice and need to find the record in the Customer Ledger Inquiry screen (R03B2002). Which document type will you add to the QBE line to help you find the record?





35. Your client wants to refine the Account Ledger Inquiry to suit their end user business requirement. Which statement is TRUE regarding the Account Ledger Inquiry?






36. Your client is going through a data cleansing exercise. They are trying to delete account records In the Account Master table that will not be needed in the future. You encountered records that cannot be deleted. Which tables contain records that cause the Inability to delete the desired accounts?






37. Your financial implementation client lead needs assistance on understanding the Detail Method of Intercompany settlements. You explain that the Detail Method uses _____ to track Intercompany settlements and the company associated with the first journal entry line acts as the _____ for the transaction.






38. A client uses multiple banks accounts in their Accounts Payable System. The client wants the correct bank account number to be supplied by the system when they enter vouchers. What is the best choice to accomplish this function?






39. Which three statements are true about customizing the, grid?






40. Your client wants to forecast cash activities to improve their rate of return. AP Cash Forecasting does NOT:







In which of the following situations can you delete a Customer Master record?






42. You ran the application A/R Statistical History Update program (R03B16A). Which table does the system use to display information on the Account Statistical Summary Form?






43. Which three statements related to the Journal Entry Reversal Control functionality are TRUE?






44. The JD Edwards Enterprise One Financials Data Relationships available in release 9.0 will simplify master data entry and increase the accuracy of master data attributes, which in turn will Increase reporting accuracy. What are two applications/tables supported by Data Relationships?





45. Which are types of Procurement?






46. Your client wants to create an efficient way of distributing costs to various accounts and minimize manual data entry. One way of accomplishing this is to use model journal entries. Which statement best distinguishes a percent model journal entry from other model journal entries?






47. Your client needs assistance in setting up allocations for the company. When you review allocation journal entries, the allocations review displays only batches with the batch type___; if you make changes to the batch, the system updates the___ ; and___ ; tables.






48. Which are true statements about Business Units?





49. Your client wishes to run Calculate Withholdings Report In preparation for the payment process. For the Calculate Withholding program to select a voucher, what must the voucher’s pay status be?






50. A client wants “Use Tax” to post to a separate account by tax rate area. Which of the following is the best way to set this up?






51. Which two statements are TRUE about Environments?







How can the currency code be specified for delinquency fees?






53. You can enter journal entries that automatically reverse in the following accounting period. Which two possible G/L dates could the system assign to the reversing entry?






54. You have created a Deduction record. What occurs in the system when you enter a deduction?






55. You have created a Deduction record. What occurs in the system when you post the batch?






56. Your client submitted the Annual Close application to close their fiscal year. When you close a fiscal year, which AAI Items does the system use?






57. You have a clearing account that is out of balance and you elect to use the Debit/Credit Match program to assist in the reconciliation. Which four steps are required?






58. Every financial transaction, regardless of activity or source, flows to _____





59. When your client runs the Tax Summary Report (R0018P) for the first time and no data appears. You immediately check the Tax Table (F0018) and find it empty. Which of the following has not been set up?






60. Your client wants to utilize the subledger field to track costs in their general ledger. In what way do transactions with subledgers differ from transactions without subledgers?






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