JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9 Manufactoring Essentials Exam

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1. Which four statements about Supply/Demand Inclusion rules are true?






2. The customer wants to implement Actual Costing. What costs methods can they use?






3. What is the Manufacturing Accounting System used for? (select 3)






4. Which three statements about Work Order Completions are true?






5. The customer wants to use the work center direct labor rates to calculate the cost. Where is this set up?





6. Identify how the Actual Variance is calculated;





7. Which two statements about Rate Schedules are true?






8. Identify two Manufacturing Dashboard reports:






9. In order to retrieve a bill of material and routing, the Cost Simu-lation program (R30812) uses the following:







10. The customer wants to change multiple Bills of Material by running the “Where Used Update” program. Which three statements are true about the “Where Used Update” program?






11. Which three are functionality of Routings?






12. Which three are abilities of the Plant Manager Dashboard?






13. The customer needs to create Work Orders to support the manufacturing process. Which three statements regarding Work Orders are true?






14. Which three planner remarks may appear on a Warning Message?






15. The customer needs to create a project-specific item. Which two are the stocking types that determine-specific items?






16. Which two statements about Lot Process are true?





17. The customer wants to set up Process Manufacturing. Which two statements about ingredients are true?





18. Which two statements about routing are true?





19. At what stage(s) in the manufacturing process are quality tests performed?






20. The Costed Routing program uses the master routing for the item from the Routing Master table (F3003) under which the condition?





21. Identify which key Automatic Accounting Instructions (AAI) are used to relieve the object account number and to create general ledger entries for work order transactions.





22. Which three statements about Hours and Quantities Entry are true?






23. Identify three codes that designate elements of cost for an item.






24. Which are created as a result of running the UBE MRP-MPS Requirements Planning (R3482)?






25. Which two fields are available for Supply/Demand Inclusion Rules?





26. Labor (B1, B2) or machine (B3) costs are not being rolled up. Select the three steps that should be performed in order to solve this problem.






27. The customer wants to soft commit material to a Work Order when its parts list is attached and hard commit it when the stop paperwork is printed. Where is this set up?





28. The system automatically deducts materials from inventory during operations that are defined as pay points throughout the routing instructions. What is this method of inventory issue?






29. Identify how the planned variance is calculated:





30. Which two are features of the Forecast Management system?






31. Lots can be generated automatically when any of these three tasks are performed.






32. Daily Planning generates:






33. Which statements about Rate Schedules are true? (select 3)






34. Which three statements about Configurator are true?






35. The Fixed Labor Overhead cost is not being calculated during the product cost roll up process and this is one of the main requirements from the customer. Select the options that should be reviewed and/or updated in order to include Fixed Labor Overhead in the product cost rollup process.






36. Product Costing is used to calculate costs for the subassembly or finished product using the information stored which files?






37. When you are issuing inventory, the system _____________ and _____________?






38. Material Requirement Planning will .






39. The customer uses the Rate Schedule Program to add a Rate Schedule. Which three selections does the system verify?






40. When changing a Bill of Material through an Engineering Change Order, which three selections are true?






41. Identify how the Engineering Variance is calculated:





42. The project planning phase, which begins after the customer accepts the quote, consists of which three of these options?






43. When attempting te complete a work order using Super Backflush (P31123), the system generates the following error message: “Work Center Rates Not Set Up (error ID 4474)”. However, when checking the work centers, the rates are set up correctly. The Super Backflush process cannot be completed. What Information should be checked?






44. Which three statements are true about the Manufacturing Work Center?






45. Which three statements about Process Manufacturing are true?






46. Which two statements are true about Bills of Material?






47. The system deducts materials from inventory when you report items on the work order or rate schedule as complete. What is this method of Inventory Issue?






48. The customer needs to delete the D1 from the customer structure. Select the four steps that should be performed in order to delete the D1 Cost from the cost structure.






49. The client is defining Assembly Inclusion Rules for the configured item. Which three statements are true?






50. Identify two abilities of work-in-process revaluation.





51. Which two statements about MRP are true?






52. Choose two objectives of Quality Management





53. When changing a Bill of Material through an Engineering Change Order, which three selections are true?






54. What does the CRP/RCCP Regeneration program generate?






55. The customer captures all variance types for all work orders. What type of variance is created when a change is intentionally made to a parts list before the work order is released to the shop floor?





56. Identify three abilities of Manufacturing Accounting:






57. The Cost Simu-lation program (R30S12) adjusts direct labor hours and direct machine hours by:







58. What are the outputs of MRP? (select 3)






59. Which four options affect the cost Simu-lation process?







60. Which statements are about available to promise?






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