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An accounts payable department has many responsibilities to fulfill to ensure that payments to suppliers are made on time and the needs for flexibility in the organization are met:

Managing Supplier Relationships
The accounts payable department is responsible for creating and maintaining a partnership with each supplier to ensure that all terms and conditions of the relationship are met. 

Processing Invoices
The accounts payable department receives invoices and records liabilities and corresponding expenses or assets. Often, the accounts payable department will have to match vouchers with invoices and purchase orders from other departments such as purchasing. 

Processing Payments
The accounts payable department ensures that payments are made in the most timely, accurate, and efficient manner possible. Before paying its suppliers, the accounts payable department needs to consider several factors, such as the due date of the invoice, whether a discount can be taken, and the amount of cash on hand versus the amount due to suppliers. 


Accounts Payable Business Processes

This process flow illustrates the Accounts Payable business processes:


Accounts Payable Integrations

The JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Accounts Payable system works with other JD Edwards EnterpriseOne systems to ensure that all payables transactions and information are fully integrated into accounts payable.

This graphic illustrates the systems that integrate with the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Accounts Payable system:






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