JDE Accounts Payable module


0082 – Duplicate Supplier/Invoice Number

  CAUSE . . . . The Accounts Payable constants record has been setup with DUPLICATE INVOICE NUMBER EDIT set to Y (YES). Another document with the same number and the same supplier already...


0084 – Total Amount/Sum of Detail Do Not Match

 CAUSE . . . . The sum of the Gross/Applied amounts of each item do not match the Total Amount input previously. The difference is shown in Remaining Amount. RESOLUTION. . Revise the gross/applied...


0470 – Splits for Multi-Company Single Supplier

 Cause:Splits for Multi-Company Single Supplier are not allowed through this application (P0411S).-Resolution: Splits for vouchers other than standard (e.g. Multi-Company Single Supplier) must be done through the same application as the one in which...


0HDC – X04571 Business Function Failed

 PROBLEM… The business function that retrieves the next payment group control number from the F00022 next number table has failed. As a result, the payment group could not be created, and report processing has...


2148 – Action Invalid for Invoice Register

 CAUSE . . . . Changes and deletes to vouchers entered in the Preliminary Invoice Register program must be executed in the Invoice Register Entry program. After the Invoice Register has been redistributed, changes...


3708 – Call to A/P Print Payment Unsuccessful

 CAUSE . . . . The call to the A/P Print Payment program (P04572xx) was unsuccessful. RESOLUTION. . Check that the object has not been deleted and that the object exists in your library...


430A – Payment Category Code is Blank

 CAUSE . . . . The Payment Category Code is blank. A blank value is not allowed when the Transaction amount exceeds NLG 25,000 or the equivalent in a foreign currency. An error will...


444V – Vertex Tax Amount Override WARNING

 CAUSE . . . . An amount has been manually entered in the Tax Amount field. This voucher record has a Vertex geocode for tax rate/area. The tax amount that has been entered may...


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