JDE General Accounting module


0407K – Tax Rate Amount Invalid

 CAUSE…The tax rate amount entered exceeds 100 percent. RESOLUTION…Please enter a tax rate amount which is less than or equal to 100 percent. 


0912D – Duplicate Document Number

 Cause……….The Document Number, Document Type and Company combination has already existed in one of the following tables: F0912, F0912A or F0912B.Resolution… Blank out the Document Number field for the system to generate a new...


09DD – Days Past Due must be greater than zero

 CAUSE…The number of days for Days Past Due – From and Days Past Due – To must be greater than zero and cannot be left blank. RESOLUTION…Please enter number greater than zero for the...


09RR – Reconciliation Rule Invalid

 Cause . . . Reconciliation Rule does not exist in Auto Reconciliation Rule table (F09626).Resolution . . Enter a valid Reconciliation Rule. 


09VOID – Voided Doc Available For Inquiry Only

 CAUSE. . . . The document that you are attempting to modify or delete has been voided. Once a document has been voided it is available for inquiry purposes only.- RESOLUTION. . Please add...


160R – Invalid Domestic or Foreign amount sign

 CAUSE…The domestic and foreign amount signs are different.- Example: Domestic Amount 100 Foreign Amount -25= Domestic Amount -100 Foreign Amount 25= RESOLUTION … Correct either the domestic or foreign amount sign so they are...


2059 – Stop Date Before G/L Date

 CAUSE . . . . The Stop Date field contains an earlier date than the G/L Date field which would prevent the transaction from ever executing. RESOLUTION. . Clear the Stop Date field or...


2831 – Invalid Tax Explanation Code

 CAUSE . . . An invalid tax explanation code has been entered. Valid codes for this program are as follows: V* – Normal VAT (* for any digit) RESOLUTION. Enter a valid tax explanation...


396B – Child Node Not Allowed

 CAUSE. . . You cannot add another reporting structure node. Only one node at the reporting structure level is allowed. RESOLUTION. . . Highlight a different node and then proceed. 


396R – Invalid Reporting Structure in Proc Opt

 CAUSE . . . Either the reporting structure is blank in processing options, or an invalid reporting structure is specified. RESOLUTION. . . Change the value in processing options to a valid reporting structure...


463D – Account Restricted To Adjustment Entries

 CAUSE…The Account is restricted to adjustment entries and the document type of the transaction is not an acceptable adjustment document type found in UDC 09/AA. RESOLUTION…Either change the document type to be an acceptable...


616P – Amounts Not Equal

 CAUSE…The amount in the Bank Statement Detail table (F09617) does not equal the amount in the Account Ledger table (F0911). RESOLUTION…Go to the Reconciliation Rules program (P09626) to set up a tolerance limit and...


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