083H – &1 Posting Edit Code Invalid

Modules > General Accounting – 09 > 083H – &1 Posting Edit Code Invalid
 CAUSE . . . . The posting edit code for &1 does not allow transactions to be posted to this account. Valid codes include: Blank – all postings are allowed. ‘N’ – the Account or Business Unit does not allow posting. ‘B’ – only budgets may be entered for an account.’S’ or ‘L’ – a subledger and type must be entered for all transactions. ‘X’ – a subledger and type are not allowed for any transactions. ‘I’ – the account is inactive, posting is not allowed. ‘U’ – units are required for all transactions. ‘M’ – only machine generated transactions are allowed for this account.The posting edit code is defined for business units in the Business Unit Masterfile (F0006) using Single Business Unit Revisions or Job Master Setup. Theposting edit is defined for accounts in the Account Master file (F0901)using G/L Account Structure programs and Job Cost Basic/Speed Budget Setup. 
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