396I – Value for &1 on Rule &2 must be All (*).

Modules > General Accounting – 09 > 396I – Value for &1 on Rule &2 must be All (*).
 CAUSE. . . The Cash Type Rule &2 must use an asterisk (* to represent all values) in selection criteria for &1 as do the other Cash Type Rules (within the same source system A/R, A/P, or G/L) for this reporting structure. -When an asterisk is specified in selection criteria for one cash type rule in a reporting structure, all cash type rules in that system that are included in the reporting structure must use an asterisk in the same field. -This is because Cash Type Rules must each have distinct selection criteria within a reporting structure so as not to duplicate cash forecast amounts between cash types when running the Cash Forecast Analysis (P09522). Using an asterisk in some cash types and not in others within this structure will cause overlap between cash type amounts and cause erroneous totals to be forecasted.

RESOLUTION. . . Either replace the asterisk from the &1 field on all cash type rules within the specified source system (A/R, A/P, or G/L), or enter an aste 

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