398B – Interco Err Doc &1 &2 &3 &4 .

Modules > General Accounting – 09 > 398B – Interco Err Doc &1 &2 &3 &4 .
 Cause . . . . . WARNING. An error occurred-that caused your intercompany settlements-to be out-of-balance for document type &1 ,-document number &2 , and document-company &3, dated &4 ..Resolution. . . Unless other errors occurred,-all of the transactions posted for this batch. -However, a manual adjustment must be created-and posted to the appropriate intercompany-account and subledger to bring the companies-back into balance. Please see the General LedgerPost report (R09801) for this batch to determine-what companies within this document are-out-of-balance, or run the Companies in Balance-Integrity Report (R097001) and make the appropriateadjustments. In addition, you should report thisissue to Global Support Services and send the-R09801 Post Report and logs that correspondto this batch. 
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