REPL_OBS – Replace Obsolete Item(s)

 Cause There is a component(s) in the kit that is an Obsolete Item or an Obsolete Use Up Item without enough availability.-Resolution For Obsolete Items (Stocking Type = O ), either select a replacement...

OPER9 – Proximity Search Error

 Cause Order Promising encountered an unspecified problem while running a proximity search.Resolution Contact Customer Support 

OPER8 – OP Desktop

 Cause The Scenario Manager is not running for the user that is logged on.Resolution Ensure that the Scenario Manager is running. 

OPER7 – OP Query Engine

 Cause The Order Promising Query Engine is not running, and the Integration Server is responding with an error.Resolution Ensure that the Order Promising Query Engine is running. 

OPER6 – OP Security Failure

 Cause There is a security failure message indicating that a license is missing for the Order Promising Query Engine.Resolution Ensure that you have a license for the Order Promising Query Engine. 

OPER3 – Begin Doc for OP Order Failed

 Cause Sales order entry begin doc failed. Could not process promised sales order returned from Order Promising.Resolution See jdedebug.log for more information. 


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