OPER21 – OP GServer Data

 CAUSE The GeoServer did not return any data when Order Promising performed a sales order inquiry. RESOLUTION 

OPER20 – OP Customer Not Found

 CAUSE The specified customer name was not found in the Customer table. RESOLUTION Verify that the customer name appears in the Customer table. 

OPER19 – OP Search Details

 CAUSE The data in the OPScenDemand table is corrupted. RESOLUTION Verify the data integrity of the OPScenDemand table before attempting a proximity search. 

OPER18 – OP Location List

 CAUSE The proximity search returned an empty location list. RESOLUTION Contact Customer Support 

OPER17 – OP Travel Dist Data

 CAUSE The value in the Travel Distance field is 0. When calculating lead time, Order Promising uses the Travel Distance field in the OPScenDelivery table. RESOLUTION Verify that a correct value exists for the...

OPER16 – OP GServer Memory

 CAUSE Not enough memory is available to complete the search. RESOLUTION Verify that enough memory is installed to perform the proximity search. 

OPER15 – OP Invalid GeoData Search

 CAUSE The data that you are trying to send to the GeoServer has problems, or the results that the server returned are invalid. RESOLUTION Verify the data integrity before attempting a proximity search. If...

OPER14 – OP Data Not Ready

 CAUSE A proximity search was attempted before the model servers started and initialized the data needed by Order Promising. RESOLUTION Verify that the model servers are running before attempting a proximity search. 

OPER11 – OP Source Location

 Cause The Ship From location specified in the location table was not found. This error code indicates corrupted or incomplete data in the Location table.Resolution Verify that a correct Ship From location exists in...


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