007Y – Warning – Item is Obsolete

 Warning. . . . The Item that is being ordered has been used-up and is now obsolete as indicated by its Branch-level stocking type.Resolution . . If replacement items have been set up in...


084H – Qty change exceeds blkt open order qty

 CAUSE . . . . .The quantity change exceeds the blanket open order quantity. RESOLUTION. . .Change the quanity so that it is less than the open order quantity on the original blanket order. 


095T – Container ID can not be blank

 CAUSE. . . . . A processing option indicates the Container ID is required, and no Container ID was entered. RESOLUTION . . Enter a Container ID, or change the procesing option make the...


123C – Backorders not allowed for selected line

 Problem Backorder Quantities for Sales Orders containingManufacturing Configured Items are not allowed.Resolution Remove the Backorder Quantity, and either partial shi}the line being processed, or cancel the remainingQuantity to be Shipped. 


310G – Bypass Sales History Summary Update

 The Sales History Update table (F4229) will be updated with cost of goods sold and sales by item during sales update. If this information is not needed for reporting, the update can be turned...


42B31 – Changes Not Allowed to a Processed Kit

 Cause The selected kit has one or more components that is partially or fully processed or past the cutoff status. Changes to its OrderQuantity, UnitOfMeasure, BranchPlant, RequestedDate, PriceCode1, PriceCode2 & PriceCode3 are not allowed.Resolution...


42B46 – Kit line not re-priced

 Cause This kit sales order line has a component that has been processed individually in Shipment Confirmation or Backorder Release. This kit and its components cannot be re-priced so the price andor exchange rate...


4337 – Field Name Is Not Valid

 CAUSE . . . . A field name wasnt entered or doesnt exist in the Sales Order Detail File (F4211). RESOLUTION. . Enter a valid field name from the Sales Order Detail File. You...


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