024Y – Invalid Date

 CAUSE . . . . The Delivery Date of the Purchase Order cannot be greater than the Delivery Date of the Sales Order. RESOLUTION. . Enter a Delivery Date on the Purchase order less...


041Y – No Next/Last Status number in range

 Cause……..The sales order detail lines are not in the range specified for the Next andor Last Status number defined in the Match Tickets Processing OptionResolution…Either change Processing Option range or verify NextLast Status number...


096H – The UPC Quantity is invalid

 CAUSE . . . . The UPC Quantity is invalid for the SSC Number andor UOM that have been entered. RESOLUTION. . Enter the correct UPC Quantity, or allow the edit function to calculculate...


155W – Vertex Connection Lost

 CAUSE Connection with Vertex database is lost. RESOLUTION Resubmit the UBE for the documents that are not processed. 


2681 – Status 999 Not Allowed

 Cause. . . . . You can not close or cancel a Sales Order line through this program.Resolution . . In order to update the next status to 999, you must go through the...


4227A – Required Filter Criteria Not Entered

 CAUSE . . . . Either order company or detail branch plant must be entered as filter criteria on the form header. RESOLUTION. . Enter a valid order company or a detail branch plant...


42B24 – Cannot Ship Kit Parent and Component

 Cause The kit parent and component(s) are being shipped at the same time. You may ship the kit parent or kit component(s), but not both.-Resolution Unselect the kit parent to complete the transaction. 


42B53 – Kit quantity relieved from blanket

 This sales order contains a kit that was relieved from a blanket order. Its unit price and component(s) are the same as blanket order. The unit price will be protected from manual edit. The...


42S1 – Specify quantities for selected items

 CAUSE Specify quantities for selected items. The quantity you entered must be greater than zero. RESOLUTION Please enter a quantity in the Quantity Requested field for all your selected items. 


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